Working off my grumpiness.

Today I didn’t want to get out of bed, which is pretty hard to do with two kids hitting your head wanting breakfast. Edda had a pretty sleepless night last night, I don’t know what it is, but lately she has been getting up at weird hours and doing laps around her bed for what seems like hours. I’m just lying in bed with her as she crawls back and forth and back and forth. So since I don’t get my sleep, I get grumpy. I didn’t want to go anywhere today, even though all week we’ve been eyeing this COMEX expo. SINGAPORE’s Largest computer/digital/internet/cell phone/geekfest. We’ve been pretty determined to get a new digital camera for a while now. I’ve used my old one almost everyday since I’ve gotten it and there are some serious limitations, mainly the extremly short battery life, but I can’t tell how much of it is because I don’t have a recharger here yet and I also don’t have my computer, so I haven’t been able to download my pictures from my old camera. Anyways it was always able to take only 30-40 pictures on a single charge and I was forever changing out the batteries. Whatever.

So we headed down to Chinatown on the 190 bus line that is right in front of our apartment complex, Vince LOVES the bus. But he HATEs it when he can’t sit in the back with the cool kids. We rode the bus all the way downtown and ate at a hawker center. We have this local guide called the MAKANSUTRA which tells us which street food we have to eat at and we’ve had it for weeks now and we haven’t eaten at A SINGLE PLACE listed yet, so today was the day. There are a million stalls in this place and we had gotten a late start in the morning and by the time we got there, it was past kid eating time and they were both fussy and nonplussed by the lack of climate control. We still did not find a the “die, die, must try” stall because, well because Edda was screaming her head off and Vince was drinking only Ribena, this purple drink kind of like grape Kool-Aid but with better marketing. So Jeremy and I ate random meat at random stall and boogied out of there lickity split into an air conditioned mall where the kids calmed down and we bumped into Jeremy’s boss from work out for his weekly grocery run. I finally got to go to the yarn store to start my new knitting hobby. Again. It was pretty nice, I got a lot of nice yarn and needles and it looks as if I can just go there and hang out to learn how to knit as long as I buy the supplies there at the store. About 10 women were just hanging out knitting, it was pretty nice. Jeremy and the kids were eating at a dessert place while I was milling about the yarn store, Edda bit Jeremy on the arm so hard that a blood blister formed and now a couple square inches of arm is bruised.

Then we headed to Suntec City to COMEX, Singapore’s biggest geek-fest ever. We knew we had arrived when we realized that there was shoulder to shoulder max capacity waiting to just get into the mall complex from the subway station. And as we were going up the escalators to the 3rd and 4th floors, the officials were blocking the up escalator because the convention hall was so packed with people, but we finally we got up to the convention floor, which were populated with Nikon, HP, Canon, Fuji, Sony, Samsung, etc, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. I don’t like to shop. But Jeremy bought me a nice Sony camera which I hope to start using soon.

We got home at 6:45pm wayyyyy later than I though when we left for the day.

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