Blah, blah.

Jeremy’s boss is in town and so he’s at dinner for the 2nd time in a week, leaving Vince really bummed that he’s put to bed by me. Jeremy’s been doing the bed routine for months now and the boys really enjoy it.

I’ve been surfing the web on my new computer and it’s so nice. I can’t believe how much I’ll pay in hardware for a stupid internet connection. I don’t want to download anything, not even the Flash plug-in, because I want to keep my computer all new and pristine. You know when you buy new white sneakers and you don’t want to scuff them? Same thing.

Hmmm, what else? Oh yes, we got a bigger fish tank and more fish. The goldfish were just getting so huge, they needed more room, so I Super Sized the tank and added 2 new Rosy Tetras. I’m pretty much not picking out the fish, I’m just asking the guy at the aquarium store which fish are the hardest to kill. Anyways the 2 new guy are called Bob and Wendy. And it turns out that I’m overfeeding the goldfish. Apparently they are the Laborador Retrievers of the fish world, always pretending to be hungry.

And for the knitters out there… I’ve finished my first project, a green kids sweater, but I can’t post a picture becuase I haven’t downloaded and photo software just yet.

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