Bored of the Web…

Well.. It’s offical. I’m bored of srufing the web. All I do is surf the same websites over and over again, waiting for them to change. It’s pretty sad. I go to work, and surf. I come home and surf. I really ought to find a better pastime.

I played some tennis tonight with Shwe and Rich. I guess I’m back on the tennis bandwagon. But I’m out of shape as we kept on rotating, but everytime it came around for my time to play singles I felt like I was winded the whole time. I guess I’m not used to it. I like my new racquets, but they are definitely have a little too much power in the strings. I think I’ll have to get them restrung at a higher tension sometime. Apparently Rich knows of a place that charges $5 for both the strings and the stringing! pretty amazing.

I can’t quite sleep since, I took a 4 hour nap this afternoon. so maybe i’ll just stay up and comtemplate the universe.

3 thoughts on “Bored of the Web…”

  1. Be persistent and find some other interesting things to do. A day, two days, .. cann’t see the difference. Several months of doing it, the difference will show.

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