Edda sleeping

Of course almost immediately after I wrote about my wonderful progress on my sock, I realized that I spent a whole row knitting my purl stitches and purling my knit stitches! Arg! So I spent a great deal of time undoing the row and trying to pick up these tiny, tiny loop and all this resulted in dropped stitches and twisted stitches, so I had to learn how to fix dropped stitches and how to knit and purl though the back of the stitch and fix it all. Now it’s fine and I’m happily knitting away again. This weekend was a weekend of cooking and eating. Yesterday, we didn’t go anywhere, we just went to our mall and got some simple groceries. Today we took the subway and the bus to a fancy, expat suburb called Holland Village and found the fancy, expat grocery store and since it wasn’t in downtown the isles were wide and it wasn’t very crowded. We bought all the ingredients for a few night’s dinner. Edda fell asleep on the taxi ride home.

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