Jeremy’s sick and we are all bummin…

Jeremy came home last night with a pretty bad cold. No, I don’t think it’s the bird flu or dengue fever, thank you very much for asking… But he’s pretty wiped out and wants to sleep most of the day. We went to yet another McDonalds today. We checked out the Jurong East Mall which is way further from the MRT station than I anticipated. By the time we got there, we were sweaty and Jeremy was ready to head home, but we ate at McDonalds and then we found the Giant, which some people had recommended to us. It’s like a big Wal-mart pretty much. Bought some diapers. (I know what you are thinking – boy how boring can someone’s life get?)

Anyways, the excitement came this afternoon. Today was Vince’s first swim lesson. He’s been a little freaked out about “first” things ever since the nursery school disaster.. And the lesson was at 2:30 pm, prime whining time. So at 2:10pm, I put down my knitting and say, “let’s go swimming!”. Vince loves the idea and starts pulling on his trunks and I tell him about Ping-ping and lessons and he freaks out! (I have been mentioning it at least once for the past few days…) NO SWIM LESSONS! I DON’T WANT TO GO. Jeremy talks to him from his bed-of-sick and tries to coax Vince to go. Finally after 15 minutes, we convince him that we are all going down to tell the teacher that we aren’t going to have lessons and that once we tell her, we’ll all go play in the pool.

After all that negotiation, we are down at the pool and we find Ping-Ping! We chat for 3 seconds and then Vince promptly follows her to the kiddy pool without another word and for the next hour has a great time with his teacher and the other little girl in his class. We were confused but happy. He LOVED it!

For the rest of the day, Vince is high, so happy and cheerful despite his tiredness… So cheerful and happy and excited. I’m glad this is working out…

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