Just when I think everyone in Singapore is ignoring me…

I had a really nice day with the kids today. We went downtown to the Raffles City Shopping Center and hung out there for a few hours. I really just needed to go to the gourmet grocery store there and pick up some raviolis and salsa. I asked 4 people in the grocery store where the salsa or the Mexican section of the store was and every single one of them said that they didn’t have such a thing in the store. Of course, after walking around for about 15 minutes, we found the huge section of salsa, chili peppers, taco shells, tortillas… etc. Got the salsa! Yah!

Then Vince, Edda and I hunkered down to enjoy our pizza lunch (basement level) and ice cream (2nd floor). I usually get all anxious that Vince is going to make a mess or is going to need to pee or that Edda will scream her head off. I’m always trying to hurry the kids to finish, but it’s not as if I have to rush to do something else. So I tried to calm myself down and I think it worked OK, I sat back and watched the ice cream melt and chocolate sauce being smeared and I think I did a good job not getting too wound up about it – all while well-dressed people having business meetings or well-dressed tourists surrounded us, the messy people as Vince calls us occasionally.

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