Today was a pretty easy day. There was an IT Open House at the library which we went to. I learned about this BigFix client that’s pretty comprehensive. It’s made to deploy patches on all our windows machines that are totally wide open to the net. I try to get my group to install this, but of course, users don’t listen to computer admins. laff.

There were drawings for iPods and such. It was too lame since even if you won, you had to spin a wheel to figure out what prize you would get.

Went to another chalk talk about user centric design. Basically the Sakai project is just like Open Coursework from MIT, and he talked about the importance of user testing up front. I know for a fact that we don’t do this in our own repository development. probably because it’s hard to define who our users are really, but I still think it’s the “right” way of doing software development. Of course this means nobody does this. laff.

I came back to work around 3:30 only to learn the our storage system that we were testing was down and it would take 1.5 hours to fix. Great. I went home and decided to make a cheesecake, for no apparent reason… It’lls be a strawberry one. hopefully it’ll turn out well. i forgot to add the heavy whipping cream. no wonder it was a bit dry. I’m sure the 1.5 cups of sugar will go a long way to hide that fact. ha!

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