Grumpy half of the month..

After I ovulate, I enter the 2nd half of my mood cycle when I get all moody and grumpy. So yesterday, I grumped around the house and stayed inside all day. Not so conducive to a good mood. Jeremy had to work late on Thursday because of daylight saving time, US and Germany both save time, but SGP doesn’t – so all of Jeremy’s teleconferences get shuffled around. Also my wrist is getting worse, I think I’m surfing too much (I’m typing this with only my left hand), but it means I can’t knit or play piano, so my beloved hobbies are shelved for a while.

Today, Kate and I were suppose to hung out at our pool together, but she had a restless night with pretty strong contractions, so she went to see her doc – false labor. So the kids and I hung out together wit her at her place in the afternoon. As we left, Vince spotted a playground with a shallow wading pool and as I was talking to Jeremy on the phone, he “accidentally” fell in – with all his clothes on. Then we went to the store to buy some new clothes and he stripped naked right at the checkout line. Go figure.

One thought on “Grumpy half of the month..”

  1. Grumpy half of the month! it is too long. With two kids and a husband, you are too busy to be grumpy. Cheer-up. Do not waste time on grumpy. Love you!

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