Jeremy is so proud of himself. He bought these matching pajamas for the kids a few days ago and finally convinced them to wear them on the same night. Cute, huh?

Today we talked to Ping-ping and axed the swimming lessons, Vince just really wants to play in the pool. He’s a little to hyper to actually have real lessons. Perhaps we’ll try later.

We also went to the Appletree to figure out about Vince’s tuition for the January/Feb/March term. Singapore schools go on holiday for 6 weeks starting on Nov 18, so I wanted to make sure everything was in order before the school shut down. Turns out that they are having a holiday program (1.5 hours a day for 2 weeks) starting the week after Thanksgiving that I think I’ll sign Vince up for. We met Ms. Eileen who will be his teacher next year and she’ll be teaching the holiday program. I’m nervous about it, Jeremy will be in the States when the holiday progam starts. Blah, blah, blah….

Went to IKEA and bought some Xmas decorations. It’s going to be a blowout celebration here in The Warren condo complex. I’m even thinking of ordering a “real” Christmas tree. Where do you think they ship them from?

Then I went to find a blender. I need to buy a blender, food processer and mixer, but everytime I go to the store, the line to checkout is 15 people deep and there is only one person ringing up the sales. I HATE THAT STORE.

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