Show me your ID!

I’ve been trying to find a dog sitter/boarding place for Ruby. I posted on this website called which recently made the news in Singapore because apparently a bunch of people made racial slurs on the website, prompting arrests and jail time for the posters. Who knew dogs could stir up so much emotion. Anyways, I posted on the website about babysitting for Ruby and I got about 10 responses, some people saying that they would be willing to look after Ruby in their house for as little as 10 dollars a day. That’s like $6.50 US! Crazy. It was a little weird getting emails from these people because everyone has adopted these SMS abbreviations in their email (u instead of you and b4 instead of before), so it all comes off as somewhat unprofessional and young. But I found a person who wrote in regular english and seemed to respond quickly to my emails and such things and charged a bit more, but I felt better about it. Anyways, she does pet sitting. So tonight, she took Ruby and Jeremy to the vet –> since we don’t have a car. Ruby got an ID, sheez – they love paperwork here. Her name is Elaine and we love her.

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