Donald! I need your help!

Hi Bro –

Why isn’t the blogger search bar working? I want to find old posts, but even when I type in “Vince” I get no hits. If you have a moment. could you look into it? It’s what I’m obsessing about these days.

I looked into it and these are my only conclusions..

1. Googlebot isn’t indexing my blog because no one is reading it or linking it.

2. I need more meta tags, whatever that means…



One thought on “Donald! I need your help!”

  1. hrm… whdeere did you see this about the meta tags? i couldn’t find any mention of it anywhere…

    Does this have to do with the blog being searchable on google? there’s some html tag that you can put in the blog to stop crawlers from adding it to their dbases….

    i have to look into this a bit more.

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