Kampong is the life for us!

Today, everyone was feeling better and we went to Palau Ubin for our adventure. We called a London taxi and all of us piled in, Vince sitting in the jump seat. Palau Ubin is an island about 10 minutes from Singapore by bum boat. We chartered a boat for S24 and went to the island. We went to lunch at this non-airconditioned place, and the lunch was really, really good. Lots of choice for the vegetarians and then afterwards we went biking on the island in rented bikes. Then we went to Raffles City to have ice cream and buy some clothes for Edda. We met up with Donald who came back from Malaysia this afternoon and had dinner together. Tonight we tried to go out on a date, but Edda and Vince thwarted it and instead we bought some Korean soap opera.

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