Lovely week continues…

On Friday, we rented a car and went down to the National University of Singapore where recently there was a music conservatory established in association with Peabody. We drove to the university and since everyone was on vacation, we figured that Bob wouldn’t get to meet anybody. But he met students who were playing in a string quartet and also we persuaded the associate director to come out of her office and talk with Bob about practice rooms and such things.

Then we had lunch at the school canteen. Someplace called “The Deck”, it was so cheap, I think all of us ate for less than 15 US dollars.

Then we drove to the Jalita Cold Storage, my favorite supermarket because the isles are wide and they stock arugula and Paul Newman’s spaghetti sauce. I left the party to head to Woodlands and I visited Kate and Abby and Joyce, Kate’s mom. Chris was also there working from home. The baby is adorable! And they seem well.

Then Bob and Katherine were kind enough to watch the kids. Donald headed downtown to meet a friend, we went on a date and ate pizza at a wine bar a few bus stops away from us.

Today I went rowing and then met up with the rest of the family in Little India. Dakshi was kind enough to show us around and talk about the temples and all the various gods and the stories behind all the figures. We also saw some Buddhist temples.

It was pouring rain on the way home and we had a nice spaghetti dinner and then got ready for Santa!

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