Spousal allowance.

Each year, I get a spousal allowance which I can spend towards taking classes or joining clubs, etc. It’s one of those things which if I don’t spend, I don’t get in cash. So I’ve been taking piano and music theory and I took a knitting class and now I’m taking rowing lessons. Today I went out to the Pandang Resevoir where I learned how to capsize my shell and then get myself out of the shoes which are tied into the boat and then bring myself and the boat back to shore. I do like to row, it’s really nice being out on the water, but I think joining this club might mean that I get the chance to row single scull by myself. The boathouse is actually pretty far from the water and I’m not really sure I can carry a single scull from the boathouse to the water. At MIT there was the boathouse and 20 feet later, there was the dock. Here it’s about 250 feet, a flight of stairs, a left turn and a steep ramp down to the dock.

3 thoughts on “Spousal allowance.”

  1. Oh, that reminds me of one thing.

    Mom always remembers that at one time I said $300.00 a month (spousal allowance) for buying miscellaneous stuffs such as pans, pots, vase, etc. because there were so many of them already :). I did say that but Mom took it out of context 🙂 So, I stick with it all the time. There is an old saying in Chinese that “jumping into Yellow River never can cleansing yourself” because it is yellow all the time.

  2. It was the time when I was at home. And daddy limited my spending. I was really hurt since daddy means that.

    That is aonther reason I came back to work.

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