Artist Painting

Well, Mom’s artist friend gave me a classic Chinese painting of boys she had in her bedroom. I like it very much and is going to hang on our Sheets Farm house.

We had a wonderful time here. She is also from Chung Ming and from same background as Mom’s. As a fact of fact, her son also graduated from MIT and had a brunch with Doris and us in Marriot during graduation ceremony. Doris and Donald, do you still remember that?

Yesterday, we went to the local restaurant called “Bob Chinn’s”. Their sea food was excellent.

Today, we will take a detour toward west again to visit “Nauvoo”, IL where Mormons started migrating westward. And will then take 70 to see our farm before going to Washington DC. There are lot of changes there. I like to show Mom.

Edda look good and hope the best.

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