Danger! It bites!

We are slowly running out of things to do in Singapore. There is pretty much just shopping and eating and we are trying to avoid both of these enjoyable activities mainly because of the kids and their hatred of shopping malls which don’t have a toy store and restaurants which don’t serve Ribena or chicken nuggets.

Today we traveled to the famed Chinese Gardens which according to the Lonely Planet Guide isn’t worth the MRT trip from downtown to see. I guess you should just spend more of your time in downtown eating and shopping. Housed inside the Gardens is the world’s largest collection of turtles and turtle artifacts. We did see a lot of turtles – even one with two heads and 6 legs. There were also a lot of turtle “artifacts” which seemed to be all the turtle-shaped things you could buy on eBay.

Oh and I thought the picture is funny because it’s what Vince always says when introducing Edda.

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