New Year’s Resolutions

Some Random things I would like to do this year…

– 24 hour race. – 5 guys taking turns riding a course for 24 hours.

this’ll lead me to

– ride more
– eat better
– lose weight
– buy about $600 dollars worth in lighting equipment. (I’ll sell it later)

some other randomness.

– put some effort into meeting women
– I think my time at the shop is coming to an end… I need to figure something else out for me to grow with.
– I think I need to be more responsible. I’m making todo lists everyday for work. (Arif is too)

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Yes, find a woman who loves you more and you love here too. “No body is perfect” –keep that in your mind when you are looking a woman. The best thing I like from your resullutions is to be more responsible. That means you are no longer a boy. I am very happy you are grow-up to be a husband and father soon. Responsibility is to do someting no matter you like it or not and try to do it willingly.

    you do not have to loss weight. Eat right and have enough time for sleep.

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