We are at Washougal ready to go to the airport

We dropped Big Brother & Sister off at Vancouver International and drove all the way back to Washougal. It was raining heavily all the time. But we made it. Mom cooked dinner and we finished eating and ready for the airport. 3 week vacation was over. Well, there is always the next time.

Last night, those relatives (a family of almost 17) of Big Brother suched him in to have very expensive meal in downtown Vancouver. I did not like those relatives taking advantage of him but I did enjoy the meal 🙂 After meal, Big Brother evidently knew what was going on said, once in a while, no problem. But, if it were frequent, then it is entirely different story.

Mom told me last time about 5 years back was even worse. It costed US$1,000.00. This time, just about half.

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