What is she saying?

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Edda complaining, originally uploaded by dturnip1.

Edda’s lack of communication skills really manifests itself in many ways. She doesn’t really turn her head in response to her name; when she bites someone and you yell “No!”, your displeasure doesn’t register in her brain; when she wakes up in an odd place (a friend’s house, the mall or even facing the wrong way on her bed), she’s frightened and I will stand 3 inches away from her face and say, “I’m here, mama’s here..” and she won’t realize that I’m there with her and that she doesn’t need to be scared. I’m afraid that these are all autistic tendencies.

I’ve been reading a few blogs about mothers raising autistic children and the stories and images give me pause.

One thought on “What is she saying?”

  1. I don’t know why office this time did not block the pictures.

    As I said, keep up the faith while trying the best. Hopeful it will gradually getting better.

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