Xmas Vacation is Over

So yesterday, Katherine left for the airport. She was the last person to leave, both Bob and Donald left about a week ago. It was a wonderful holiday, Vince loved seeing everybody and I loved having some help around the house. It made Vince really miss New York. Vince started his school last Monday, it’s why Katherine stayed an extra week, to help his transition into school. I have to say that it didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped. Vince is really frustrated by the use of Chinese in the classroom, there is a 45 minute Chinese class, but they give simple instructions in Chinese during the English part of the lesson. Anyways, he is quite happy at the end of class, just getting to school is a problem. Vince reallly misses his old school in New York.

Also, we are getting more concerned about Edda and her developmental delays, this week, we are setting up an appointment at a Children’s Hospital for an evaulation and assesment for her.

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