Augusta & Atlanta

Yesterday, we went to our friend’s place at Augusta to look around the housing and land in the northern part of Augusta. They told us that during the Masters tournament, a lot of houses with extra rooms are rented out for the golf fans. It can fetch $1,000.00 per night per small family. The duration is about 3-5 days. The landlords can also provide meals with additional charges. But, the landlords should pay the golf organizers 7% of their income plus three pre-game inspections. Not bad.

After that, we drove to Atlanta to buy a lot of oriental groceries from a huge Korean store on Buford Road, just north of Atlanta beltway. Then we went to see our colleague’s Mom, Joyce, who was my landlord while I was in Atlanta. She lives in a small retirement apartment complex. It is pretty good but expensive. Well, Mom and Dad need to be prepared. We invited her whole immediately family members to have dinner with us, just like the one 2 years ago. She picked a nearby local restaurant where she frequently visited. It wasn’t fancy but the food was good. After dinner, a guy hold the door for us asking me whether there was food left. I joked there were some left over food on our table and he was welcome to have. Afterward, Joyce and her family told us he is a famous TV reporter in Atlanta. We did not know. But, he was nice, at least.

Around 9:30 PM, we left and drove back to Aiken. We arrived around 1:00 AM and Mom is still sleeping.

Well, I believe I got my webcam setup and ready for the show 🙂

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