Bob Costas – Knitting Olympics.

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Someone has made this hilarious button for the knitting olympics. Did I ever tell you that we all met Bob Costas? Jeremy, me, Vince, Ben and maybe Emy were all at JFK airport and we were flying to Arizona for our vacation when all of a sudden Bob Costas (who was behind us in line) asked if his lady friend could go ahead of us because she was almost about to miss her flight. At that point, we weren’t sure whether it was Bob or not. But he stayed in line near us as she went to the counter and she yelled back, “Hey Bob, I have a question”. So then we were sure. He spent some time thanking us and also admired Vince’s eyes. This is the 2nd longest conversation I’ve ever had with a celebrity. The longest conversation I’ve ever had with a celebrity would be with Mia Farrow about heating houses in the winter.

One thought on “Bob Costas – Knitting Olympics.”

  1. i sat bob costas when i was working at nice matin. he was pretty short. and looks just like he does on TV. which always surprises me.

    i saw shannon doherty the other day. shes really short, had huge sunglasses on, and dterrible skin. she hopped out of a black car and ran in front of me to get cash out of an ATM. i didnt really mind though bc i was kind of giddy that she looked so terrible!
    –Emy (for some reason i have to be anonymous – i cant remember my sign-in password!)

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