Don’t You Hate It When….

Everyone else is wrong and they won’t take your damn good advice?

Sigh. There’s some technical decision to be made about how we want to version digital objects within the repository. I’m the only one on one side, and it seems like everyone else is on the other side. Of course I’m right.

They want to add in more complexity, assume things about what the user wants, create objects that cannot be backed out of the repository if we wanted to change methodolgies. All bad.

I feel like I’m screaming my head off saying that it’s a terrible idea, of course, nobody listens to me. Probably it doesn’t help my case that I’m screaming my head off, I don’t think people appreciate it and biases them against my view point. but whatever. I feel there are way too many negatives to ignore right now.

blah. of course I have the reputation of being the maverick – disagreable. That’s fine, but don’t dismiss what I say on the basis of that.


2 thoughts on “Don’t You Hate It When….”

  1. Too present your ideas was great! But, when presenting it, one should know the agenda and feeling of others. Remember, great ideas seldom sell well at the very beginning. One can try as hard as one can to sell and convince others. Actually, conving part is the toughest part of all parts without exception. But, when the decisions are made, try your best to be helpful even though they are not yours. At least, this way, you have the following up chances to convince others again with your ideas.

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