Doris loves Jeremy.

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Here are my virtual roses for Jeremy. My husband is the sweetest guy – very considerate and polite, but this weekend in particular, he did extra-special things for me… Listen to this. On Friday, he took the day off and we both took Edda to her therapy class. Then in the afternoon, he took care of the kids while I got to go downtown and hang out and window shop for a few hours (which I never get to do). On Saturday, he took care of the kids at night so I could hang out in a pub downtown with my friend. And today – listen to this – he did therapy with Edda, crafts (making Valentines and painting pictures) and making cupcakes with Vince, the weekly grocery shopping (5 dinners worth), took the kids swimming, and he cooked dinner and did the dishes. I’m a pretty lucky girl.

One thought on “Doris loves Jeremy.”

  1. Well, I guess Jeremy has his hands full. Once a while, it was good to get spoiled by each other But, in the long run, sharing is very important 🙂

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