High Speed Cable for Internet

We just got the high speed cable for internet. We will buy a webcam to look at you guys and girls.

6 thoughts on “High Speed Cable for Internet”

  1. The kids love the webcam…, I think Jeremy ordered one for you already, check with him. I also mailed 2 packages to you guys last week, be on the lookout for them.

  2. It left Altlanta this morning on the USPS truck. I guess it is 3.5 hours away, but it may still take a day or two to make it to the door. Hopefully we can see each other this weekend!

  3. Thanks for the gift. We will away this weekend to Atlanta to visit the old lady that I stayed three years back. Try to get on with your stuff though if I have time.

  4. OUr table and chairs and a bunk bed will be her nest monday. The bunk bed will be two twin beds. We are ready for Welcome.

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