Life in Aiken, SC

This town is booming too. The only problem, it grows without careful city planning. Almost all shops, restaurants, fast food places, etc. are concentrated along the main street (Whiskey), like Rockville Pike in Rockville, MD. Traffic is pretty bad considering this is a small town.

Well, Mom and I are gradudally settling down and will explore the nearby towns and cities. After buying some furnitures the other day, we bought another TV. All these items, household stuff, may be destined to be disposal with deductions on our tax returns when we move to other town in the future. Believe me or not, just after 2 weeks at work, I heard Mom was bargaining with other head hunter for a higher pay job in another town just recently. People asked her about of just getting one job, instead of two with husband. She said she might accept because it is just a couple of hundred miles away. A couple of hundred miles away seems no big deal to us – laugh!. We are definitely acting like Gypsies. But, Gypsie life with pay isn’t that bad. We are kind of falling into the groves by doing that over and over again. With experience, there is less anxiety, stress, etc. by hopping from one job to other in different towns. Sometimes, it can be a preferred life style 🙂 Who knows.

I still wash the dishes and try to help Mom on household work as much as I can. I went to the apartment gym regulary to exercise. Mom does her exercise in the apartment. Sometime, I follow her moves as pair. She said I look like an “APE”. She even made a lot of paper apes and hang a big one on our car mirror. Of course, with big “N”s +on it.

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