Self Service IT Support.

Sometimes I just have to laugh. Stanford is obviously not an organization that has a lot of highly paid worker bees like most engineering firms.

My motherboard on my Dell desktop has bulging capacitors. Basically my computer will randomly shutdown every 2-3 hours. Apparently this is a known issue with the GX270’s that we all have.

The quaint thing is that I’m the one that has to call Dell Customer Support to get it serviced. Nobody thinks that wasting my time with this stuff is pretty inefficient. sigh. Tho I have to say that Dell’s Customer Service isn’t bad. They are mailing me the part tomorrow.

Last week I also had to go down to the campus bookstore and return a malfunctioning Apple Wireless Keyboard.

It’s just funny.

2 thoughts on “Self Service IT Support.”

  1. That is in the school. You have to do everything by yourself. It may not be a bad expeinces. At least it gave you a chance to let you get out of office and stay away from mouse for a while or talk to some one else outside campus

  2. I will come back to say that the most important thing is let people believe what you are doing is good and benefitial. Sometimes, it is not possible. But, the more you bring them to your camp, the easier it goes. To bring people into your camp is an art and has nothing to do with “right” or “wrong”.

    Imagine that if you can persuade most people to give you support to do something, it is a tremendous achievment, not easy to accomplish, not by the books learned in schools.

    Imagine that you can spend a lot of time to explain someone about an idea. He or she probably will listen carefully and patiently. But, if you will tell the same thing to a little bit higher ups. The time you have become lesser because he is busier. The higher you go, the busier they get. Therefore, to condense it to a manageable size towards different types of audiences becomes very important. It is much important that knowledge itself.

    Most people with a lot of specific knowledge has the tendency to be overly techie and nobody has the knowledge to understand what is he conveying. This is a terrible waste and can be corrected 🙂

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