Feeling sorry for myself again.

OK, I haven’t written over the past few days, but things have been going crazy around here. Here’s our schedule for the past 2 days. Remember that this whole time, Jeremy is swamped at work with crazy technical crap that has to get done soon before we leave in 3 weeks – so there are early meetings to attend, late calls, etc…


8:30 am – drop Vince off at school
8:40 am – call cab to take Edda to school
9:00 am – get in cab
9:25 am – get Edda to school
9:50 am – walk in heat to go to (unexpected) parent support group
10:10 am – find myself in a room with 5 other mothers I’ve never met before with tales of woe
10:40 am – walk in heat back to school
11:00 am – find out Edda cried the whole time
11:05 am – hail a cab on hot sidewalk
11:25 am – pick Vince up from school
lunch, nap
3:00 pm – Jeremy heads home from work
3:00 pm – drop Vince off at neighbor’s house
3:05 pm – go to hospital
4:00 pm – Jermey goes to Vince’s parent-teacher conference
4:10 pm – Edda gets ultrasound of kidneys and bladder which are OK, but I had to ask an unsuspecting parent in the waiting room to help hold Edda’s legs still while I hold her arms while Edda screams her head off for 20 minutes
4:30 pm – Jeremy runs to bank to open checking account because therapy bill is overdue and will only take checks and we don’t have a checking account
5:00 pm – Jeremy runs home to start conference call
5:20 pm – We see doctor who confirms that Edda’s parts are OK which is what the ultrasound person told us an hour ago
5:30 pm – Vince comes home from neighbor
6:30 pm – Doris and Edda home from hospital


8:30 am – drop Vince off from school
9:00 am – go home and wait for Rukia, our housekeeper and friend
9:10 am – take Rukia and Edda to school because Rukia is going to take Edda herself tomorrow because Jeremy and I are going to Vince’s school to celebrate his birthday party
9:30 am – get to Edda’s school
9:40 am – 10:45 am – chat with Rukia at the Cheese Prata place across the street (it was very nice to have some time with a friend without the kids)
10:50 am – back at Edda’s school to find out that she’d been screaming the whole time so they took her outside to the playground
11:00 – hail cab on hot sidewalk
11:30 – pick up Vince – say bye to Rukia
lunch, nap
1:30 pm – send Vince to neighbor’s
1:35 pm – get cab to drive to therapy
2:00 pm – nice physical therapy session
3:00 pm – walk to taxi stand – grab a sandwich to eat while walking because Edda is screaming her head off
4:00 pm – come home, get Vince from neighbor
4:50 pm – Kate comes over for dinner
5:00 pm – make dinner for all of us
7:00 pm – Kate heads home

I am tired. Also, Edda is going ape-shit on her hand, the splint has been thwarted.

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