I love Fridays!

I was hanging out at Vince’s school this morning – his preschool is on the 4th floor of an office building and after I drop Vince off, I have Edda walk around the corridor which is long and empty and she can toddle around without getting in anyone’s way. Today I was talking to Auntie (all ladies of a certain age are Aunties. I’m an Auntie too which makes me shudder a bit because I like to think of myself as still pre-Auntie. It’s kind of nice, you never have to remember anyone’s name. At Vince’s school, there is the snack Auntie and the potty Auntie and other Aunties who have duties I’m not aware of, perhaps shirt-tucking-in Auntie (I never tuck Vince’s shirt in, but he comes home neater than when he left)) and mentioning that Edda has some autistic tendencies and she was chatting about her neighbor who has a son who is autistic, (everybody I mention autism / mentally retarded to has a nephew, neighbor, son, friend, etc who is autistic or mentally retarded – interesting) and blah, blah, blah, we are chatting away…

Then I realize, I finally get a chance to see Vince in action at school! They usually keep the front door locked and Vince is in a classroom with that door shut – a double barrier between me and my son – but this morning I’m inside the air lock! I tiptoe over to the classroom and look through the glass window to see my little sweetheart. I imagine he’s sweetly singing and clapping to the “Good morning” song. As I look into the door, I see that he has physically grabbed another boy in his class and is hauling this poor boy to another spot in the circle and as he is doing this, he’s telling the teacher that he’s singing the words wrong. Hmmm… This was not in accordance with my fantasy. Next week is parent/teacher conference. I think we’ll hear about this a bit more.

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