Things to be happy about.

  • Ruby is having a sleepover party on Saturday night at a friend’s house! Our dog, our first daughter is having her first slumber party… Well actually, our pet sitter Elaine wants to help us watch Ruby for the month that we are gone from Singapore, but she’s swamped with work and can’t make it out to the boonies here in Choa Chu Kang twice a day. She has a corgi who doesn’t like guests, but Elaine apparently has a pal 10 minutes away from her place who is dog-free right now and is willing to take on Ruby for a month so Elaine can just pop on over for a quick walk. Ruby is going to spend the night for a test run, to make sure that no barking, chewing or unauthorized peeing goes on. Ruby has to be on her best behavior (none of that eating 2 bars of Toblerone or a whole tube of diaper cream and then puking it all up later on carpet the exact opposite color) or else we are totally screwed. Ruby is moving up in the world, hanging out on Orchard Road. Maybe she’ll buy herself a Louis Vuitton wallet (4 outlets within a mile of each other!).
  • I finished my mittens for the Olympics! A day late and a dollar short, so I can’t actually collect the cool knitting gold medal, but whatever. Actually, I screwed up on the last row of the mitten and I did it over three times, but in the end I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong, so I said, the hell with it and ended my misery and bound-off.
  • I pep-talked myself out of a miserable mood at 3 pm today. Jeremy called from work during the miserable mood and he was put on alert, but by the time he got home, I was as chipper as a squirrel. Don’t mess with my acorns.
  • I cooked a pound of pork chops today for dinner. Lately, the kids have been just loving the pork chops. Edda likes it minced and mixed with cottage cheese, Vince likes it cut into stripes. The last meal, they were scarfing the chops down so fast that Jeremy and I were nervous about eating any pork, lest the children want more and we would have to deny them because we had selfishly eaten up the rest of the pork. So late last night, I went to the market and by 7:30 pm, the selection had dwindled to almost nothing, all the chops were gone and so I ended up with a pound of shoulder butt (what the hell is that?) and we fried it up with onions tonight and mmmmm, was it good, but the kids ate none of it. None. So more for us and some for Ruby of course.
  • It was sunny all day today.
  • I had some chocolate cake for lunch and chocolate ice cream for dessert.

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