Thursday Morning

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Not a whole lot has happened in the recent days. It’s been raining on and off so I’ve been pretty lazy with the riding. Trying to get on my trainer and work out in the garage some.

This morning I rode to work in a massive headwind. That totally sucked. At least it was reasonably warm. It was probably in the 60’s altho coming in a 10:30 probably helped a little bit there.

This morning I’m working on a Java Exception Handling document. It should give us all guidelines on how we should code in java. I wasn’t very happy with the set of guidelines that we had come up with earlier. There was a lot of arguing on my part once again last week. 😛

Yesterday was a day full of meetings- from 9:30am to 4:30pm. I had a LOCKSS meeting in the morning. basically it’s my research project to evaulate a bunch of storage systems – LOCKSS is one of them. It’s sort of politico since LOCKSS is a part of stanford libraries but sort of on the outside and run as it’s own business group.

also we had a security audit on our architecture yesterday. interesting. I kept mostly quiet. but we need to definitely think a lot more about security in general and start implementing something. sigh

This weekend – more rain, bike shop on sat, poker sat night, long ride (hopefully not in the rain) on sunday.

let’s hope it doesn’t rain tonight so i can get home okay!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Morning”

  1. Doing anything needs awful lots of preparation except it becomes your second nature. About the “Exception Handling”, try to consolidate your thought into a logic way and to see whether there are holes in it. After you are satified, put them into easy-to-understand presentations, whether visual, verbal or both. Practice a couple of times and keep cool while in presentation. See what kind of differences this time will make. This way you can sharpen your convincing power which can be built upon step-by-step.

    Not to say anything is no good either. This way, your abilities are known by yourself only but not anyone else. The perception people have on you is a REALITY, no matter what or how unfair it is.

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