The Weddings

I called Le Pai at SF last night. She told me that her daughter is going to get married at end of May (5/28?). She knows we are working at East coast and said that just mail me a red envelope and Donald can be our represantive. She also said that Donald can bring his girl friend to the wedding. She is going to mail the inviation to Donald. Donald, would you please let me know their names after recieved the invitation. As a matter of fact, right now we can go for the wedding, but we already bought the ticket to Washougal for this week and told all friend there. In addition we are going to SF for Andria’s wedding month later. It will be on 7/2 Sunday. We are going to meet all classmates in SF on Saterday. We will stay at Le Pai’s house.

I ate too much candies when I was at graduate school and did not brush my teeth much, now I am taking the consequnces and visit dentist too offen. Next Thursday, I am going to see a specialist hoping to save the tooth which gives me problem. I have my upper partials and going to have lower one very soon I guess. Dentist here is very nice though.

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