The US Navy visits me and “Yes, ma’am”

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So, the USS Lincoln is in port in Singapore and a whole busload of the shipmen came to Edda’s school to take them all swimming at the local pool. Do you all the 20 year olds with blonde hair in my lame picture? I knew that Edda’s school has swimming on Fridays, this was the first Friday that I went and I was expecting a small little bus to take everybody the 0.5 miles to the pool, then someone mentioned that the navy was coming and I thought they meant the Singapore navy. But when the bus pulled up and all these very American-sounding kids (really, I think of 20 year olds as kids) piled off, I realized they meant the US Navy. There were about 30 of the servicemen and women who came and played with the kids in the pool. Apparently, everytime they are in any port, they find different charities or good works they can do and they get an opportunity to sign up to go out and do it and it counts as being “on-duty”. Pretty cool, huh? I have never felt so fondly towards the military as I did this morning.

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