To lure Donald back to posting…

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I’m posting this picture of Vince on his Gary Fisher Sun Spot bicycle. He’s been riding a bit these days, he knows how to back-pedal to stop to bike! Woo hoo.

Jeremy had the day off today because of the elections in Singapore. Vince went to school, Edda did not – she is still running a fever and coughing.

Vince’s school is letting out for a month in June and we are looking for a place for summer school. There is a place a few blocks from here that we visited today called the Ichiban Kindergarten and Vince promptly asked if he could go tomorrow which surprised us all, since we thought he so loyal to Appletree.

3 thoughts on “To lure Donald back to posting…”

  1. Blah. Sorry. Everything is coming to a head right now. Bike race is next week, and things are happening at work too. I’ll try to post soon.

  2. Congrats to Donald. That is really inspiring. However, Scott and I prefer Vince’s outfit. He is so cute. Has Donald ever considered green short pants?

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