Happy father’s day.

We took Jeremy to the beach for Father’s Day. Vince promptly went
running to another family to see if he could integrate himself into
their little group. Sometimes he succeeds fantastically and he meets
great new friends. Today he played with another family for quite a
long time, but I couldn’t figure out if the were even really talking
to him. He is not daunted by people ignoring him. He will sit right
next to anyone and just start playing with them. It was a really
great day, not too hot and we even brought Ruby who hasn’t been
swimming in a long, long time. It was her first time seeing the
ocean. She loved swimming in the water and rolling around the sand.
I’m also never sure what Edda will like, but it seems like the beach
is one of the things that she loves. She likes to sit in the sand
and have the waves come over her legs and she likes to grab the sand
and eat it. All smiles today at the beach from our little soybean.

We also went out for our Sunday afternoon date. Gowri, our
babysitter, put a little dot on Edda’s head for protection from evil.
I told Gowri that we need all the protection we can get these days.

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