The left handside picture was our high school class 61 mini-reunion. Our seatings were fixed for any subject and were 33, 34 & 35. The picture was taken in Stevens, Washington State along the Columbia River.

The right hand side picture was a happy Mom with beautiful flowers from her wonderful son-in-law, daughter, son, grandson and grand daughter.

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  1. Wow Rena, that is a nicer cube than I have ever had. Two big monitors and everything. Must be great for playing computer games….

  2. Yes, Jeremy, I told my boss that I am doing volumter work with big pay check.

    I am getting more time rest at office. Right now,I am talking to boss and HR if MiniSystem can have a contract. In this case, I can be my own boss.

    Doris, take care of you and your family. Do you need any specific stuff from US? Please let me know and dad can bring it to Sigapore.

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