Sweet things.

A momentary lull in the weekend’s activities initiated a downward
spiral of our moods. Sometimes when you don’t know what to do next,
everyone gets a bit grouchy and moody. Then I take a longer nap than
I should and end up feeling groggy and uninspired.

It all started when Edda slept through her therapy appointment.
One moment she was looking at soap bubbles, the next moment, she was
asleep in her chair. While she slept through a session which they
generously offered not to charge us for, Jeremy got a laundry list of
things that we should be doing with Edda and a long discussion about
how far she is from achieving object permanence – which
basically is the ability to remember that an object is there even
after you cover it with a towel – a skill which any competent
8-month-old can do. It’s pretty distressing to hear how far
intellectually your 27-month-old is from an 8-month-old, enough to
send one into a funk. But lack of cleverness aside, I’m feeling
better now, about 6 hours after the botched therapy session and we
made dinner, had ice cream and went to the park and filled our
evening with regularity and good times and hugs and kisses. I’m even
pretty philosophical about Edda’s lack of object permanence. She’s
like the Buddha. She’s past material things, she has transcended the
need for objects and nothing is permanent anyways. Perhaps she knows
better than the rest of us who hang on desperately to our material
possessions and try to remember where object were last placed. Now,
where did I put my keys?
A bright spot this afternoon was the gift from my secret pal!
Hooray for packages! Everyone got into the act…
The first thing we saw when we opened the package was Pop Rocks!
(Mom and Dad – Pop Rocks are candies that go Pop! Pop! Pop! on
your tongue) Jeremy was pretty excited and the kids have never had
Pop Rocks before and Vince was excited to try it. We dredged up that
old urban myth about the kid who ate 5 packages of Pop Rock and then
drank a Coke and his stomach exploded.. Ha ha ha!!
Vince loves the Pop Rocks!

Here we give Pop Rocks to unsuspecting Edda.


She didn’t enjoy it as much. She looks a bit worried.
Secret pal, you are so sweet. So generous! Thank you for being
the highlight of my gloomy day. Jeremy signed for the package and he
was sure that he knew your secret identity because your name was on
the receipt, but then I told him it was your secretary and not you.
Jeremy is very jealous of people who have secretaries. He really
needs one, he’s pretty disorganized and forgetful and doesn’t really
know how to spell, but he’s never had a job that came with an admin,
I think he’d have to be promoted at least 3 times to Vice President
with Large Budget of Something Very Important or something. Jeremy’s
dad has a secretary in New York and it is not infrequently that we
call her in New York from Singapore to do us a favor with random
paperwork crap that we have to do being Americans without an American


2 thoughts on “Sweet things.”

  1. YAY!

    I am SO glad the package came on a day when you really needed a pick me up. I was a little concerned about Edda and the pop rocks, but figured that you and Jeremy would know whether to give them to her or not.

    Hm, it appears that the package took about a week to get there…that isn’t too bad!

    LOL -let’s not tell Jeremy that I have an assistant AND a secretary. Oh my!


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