What a nice weekend!

The family had a nice weekend, very busy which is how we like it. On Saturday, we went to the Botanic Gardens for the first time. Ruby’s allowed to come to the Gardens, it was very nice. Edda loves plants and spent almost the whole time walking around, which is a big deal for her. She made her way up and down various hills (very small) and some uneven terrain and made efforts to not eat any of the plants which was nice. Ruby also was on her best behavior. Not too much barking at other dogs.


Then Edda had a nice therapy session and I went off for the evening with my friend Kate and Jeremy and the kids went to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in our local park. Kate and I spent the evening at Holland Village at a pasta place and shared a bottle of wine and had a nice time, talking and gossiping. I was on my third glass of wine before I remembered that I was suppose to drive home from Kate’s house.. So I didn’t do that, I took a cab home and I went over this morning to pick up the car.

As for Jeremy’s evening, Vince wanted to leave the play as soon as the wicked witch showed up, so they left early and watched some kids playing soccer near our mall.

Today we dropped of the kids at Gowri’s house and went to have lunch and walk around a nature reserve. We saw fish, birds, a crocodile!, at least 3 monitor lizards and a big ass spider (it was as big as my hand).


Fast moving lizard:

We didn’t get close enough to the croc to take a picture of it. I was a bit scared of it.

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