Burning the Midnight Oil…

It’s 12:35am, and I’m still at work on a Friday night. Wheeeeee! It’s sorta funny. I’ve never really ever had a software deadline before, and honestly, it kinda blows. Also tho, sometimes I think I am a slacker at heart too and do my best work under pressure, and lemme tell you, I am under some pressure right now.

I’ve pretty much reached a good enough milestone here, and I’m able to store and verify all my files from the various storage archives that we have. It’s nothing fancy, and there are some features I’m missing. It’s a work in progess as they say.

I did manage to take a break and go out to dinner with Choon, Pei-Sun and Joe. Joe is a friend of Choon’s from high school and he’s out here on an extended business trip. Also, he’s making his way to Austin next week, so if you Austinites out there have any restuarant recommendations to give, I’ll gladly pass it his way.

Also work won’t stop me from preriding Downieville on Sunday. I’ll have to try to get in this ride as fast as I can, and then drive back to the Bay Area. Hopefully we’ll wake up by 6-7, do the ride, be done by noon, drive home and I can be at work around 4-5. I hope I don’t kill myself . It’s super technical.

In more Jocelyn news, oh joy of joys – She’s moving to Milbrae sometime very soon to work up in the Bay Area for a year or so. Her new guy actually lives in Sunnyvale, which of course, means that I’ll probably cross paths with her quite a bit more in the coming year. I’m doing cartwheels. I am. Really.

I’m going home now….

3 thoughts on “Burning the Midnight Oil…”

  1. Austin restaurants:

    The Clay Pit (Lunch buffet)
    Magnolia Cafe (Love Chicken and Baton Rough Salad)
    East Side Cafe
    El Sol y La Luna
    Castle Hill Cafe
    The place on South Congress without a sign.
    The Central Market cafe

    Good luck with your coding. And the bike riding.

  2. I like “Salt Licks” steak house place.

    Donald, this is what I think. If you have something to do with her, that is fine. If not, wishing her the best and moving on.

  3. Take care. I am going to office tomorrow too. I went office today and worked 5 hrs. 5 hrs more tomorrow. i am done with OT this week. We are moving to job site next monday. End of the week we will pack all stuff and ready to move. We have to drive 45 min more to the job side which I do not like. So I am looking around see if there is any opportunities.

    Good luck on your ride.

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