Duck tour!

In Singapore, they have this military amphibious vehicle that was used in the Vietnam War which they have converted into a tourist attraction. It’s been painted to look like a duck because it can go on land like a car and then drive into the water and float and steer like a boat. So today was Duck tour day!

Well Vince was so distraught after watching the safety video (abandon the duck! abandon the duck!) that he demanded a life jacket (“I need the thing that will protect me!!” he wailed) and clung to me for dear life. Edda wanted a nap, so she screamed much of the time. Dad seemed to enjoy it as he was sitting far away from the distressed kids and close to the tour guide who answered all his questions. You know dad, he loves to ask questions. Find a stranger and he will figure out a question to ask them…


This evening, we had a potluck at Julia’s house to say goodbye to the Bodes. We got there at 7 pm sharp and it looked like we wouldn’t make it until 7:30 pm, but somehow we pulled it off and stayed until 9:30. Jeremy made a kick ass salad..


Dad is leaving tomorrow morning at 5 am. It’s been great having him around helping with the kids.

Mom! He washed the dishes every night!

I love you!
I love you too!
I love you three!
I love you eight!
I love you a million!
I love you a million plus 1!

2 thoughts on “Duck tour!”

  1. Glad. Daddy washed dishes every night. So he is trained. He said he will take over kitchen week after back to States. I gave him flexibility — just let me know if he wants quit the cooking job. I am kind getting use to them routines and do not mind to do it as long as I am able to do.

    Donald will come sometime next week to give you a hand. After that summer is pretty much over. Take care. Love you all.

  2. Oh, I brought bak several easy-cooking books for each week from Jeremy and Doris. And I did ask Jeremy several questions while he was cooking. I am ready to go 🙂

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