Hi from Singapore

I have been here almost 10 days. Everything is cool except I could not hear any bird singing – no birds at all, except in the zoo.

I sat with Edda in her school all days last week and met a bunch of special kids with lot of disabilities among them. It was heart breaking to see all that. Well, all mankinds are not created equal.

This week, since Edda does not have school, I am taking Vince to school and back. His school is just across the street. He is enjoying his school very much. After school, we were in McDonald’s twice already. I guess that was everyday. Tomorrow, absolutely, no McDonald’s.

At home, I hanged around with Vince and Edda. I also went to swimming almost everyday. The pool is shallow and fairly clean. It is a nice place to be. But, I miss Mom a lot 🙂



2 thoughts on “Hi from Singapore”

  1. Is she cue? I think so.

    But, I have to raise my two arms waving, two legs stroking, stick out my tongue just like she did all the time, and calling her name on sofa loudly to get her [five feet in front of me] turned her head and smiled at me just like that in the picture.

    Pretty exhaustive but rewarding.

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