Pulling teeth.

What is it about dentists? Jeremy hates dentists. He thinks they are in some complex dental x-ray conspiracy and he has brainwashed me into thinking that dentists are evil people. They seem really nice when you sit down in the chair, but then they give you bad news and make you feel lame about not flossing after every meal and then they head into your mouth with drills and picks.

My dentist in New York was so cool and so smart. She had her office decorated with all modern furniture (I’m sure all flea market finds, tastefully matched but funky too). She played eclectic music over her sound system and had nice retro art prints hanging on the wall. I never knew a dentist could be so cool.

She also went frequently to dental conferences where she could learn about the newest techniques in dentistry and she loved to go and hang with the other cool dentists. But she still didn’t hold back the bad news that my crown needed replacing and it would run, oh, about $1000. Yikes! And then she headed in with her drills and picks.

But this dental story isn’t about me, it’s about Edda. Edda loves to grind her teeth. Lately it’s gotten pretty bad, you can hear her do it every 5 seconds and you can hear it clear across the room. It’s sounds really, really bad.

I also noticed one of her molars had this brownish crap in the little crevice which I was dreading was a cavity.

So what do I do with the fact that I feared a cavity in a 2 year-old’s mouth? I promptly got 4 recommendations of dentists and then didn’t call any of them! For months! I finally made Jeremy call. I’m such a big chicken.

We finally went today to see the dentist. He was very nice – looked about 20 and had a huge collection of Coke cans in his office. (Strange, huh? A dentist collecting sugary drinks… Hmmmm…)

Final verdict: No cavities. Nothing much to do about the grinding. We got shooed home in about 10 minutes and didn’t get charged for the visit.


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  1. It is the same crazy grinding, but she does it all while she is awake, not asleep. I sleep with a nightguard now to protect my enamel

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