Tommorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tommorow..

Tomorrow Edda goes back to school! Hooray for me!

We had Mathilda and Julia over today. Four hours of insane playdate. Vince and Mathilda had a great time.

Edda did well also, following the kids around, being close to them and being interested. She also was a bit agitated. There were screaming sessions, but I think no one was too freaked out or anything.

2 thoughts on “Tommorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tommorow..”

  1. Screaming kids. Wild play dates. Sounds like you are the popular mom on the block. I’m not surprised.

  2. I found myself out-of-routine this morning also.

    Really miss Edda a lot, especially when just get up. Of course, miss all your folks half-way-around-the-globe too.

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