Weary and worn.

I have been trying to keep this blog happy and optimistic because, in general, I feel happy and optimistic most days.

But today for whatever reason – lack of sleep, Edda’s last day of summer school school, the weekend without plans coming up – I was bummed. It’s when I think about the years ahead of sleepless nights (Edda still gets up 2 or 3 times a night and takes about an hour of singing to fall asleep at night) or perhaps not being potty trained or if she is in pain, not know exactly where she hurts becuase she can’t tell me, or even if she forever keeps putting her damn hand in her mouth for the rest of her life – well, I just want to throw in the towel. Kick the can. Bah humbug.

Don’t worry, I’m sure this feeling will pass. It always does.

There are a lot of people coming to visit us next week. I’m not sure how the stars lined up, but so many people are flying 24 hours to reach our humble home in Singapore that we are going to have a party. Shhhh, don’t tell Vince or else he won’t sleep for days.

11 thoughts on “Weary and worn.”

  1. Doris, I was with you and kids all the time you felt lousy. Well. patience is the first building block. Second, a strong sense of doing ones best under any circumstance is the foundation.

    I was hopeless many times before, especially on the street, blaming this and blaming that, and got very emotional. But, emotional or not, a 25 cents necessary stuff is still 25 cents, no less and no more. Then it should come the practical part, emotion is the driving force to do what is necessary to solve your current frustration and problems.

    Right now, I am overwhelmed by the challenges posed by Edda and I am her grandpa only. I can imagine what her Pa and Mom think. Well, thinking all these and all that are one thing, the basic necessasities are others. Well,here, my street experience, though very bad experience really helps me to move forward.

    With all these encouraged words, I must say “Jeremy and Doris, it is a tremendous challenge in front of you and both of you have done your best wholeheartly. And keep going”

    I couldn’t believe I came back to the business of changing diapers – she pooped (?) three time this afternoon. Smelly and messy. But, with new and clean diaper, she always gave you a smiling face. Don’t know what really meant.

  2. People are very flexible. when I was in China, I did help mom to do all dirty works to have food and vegitalbes. There is no firterizer. Everything is “Organic”. Do you know what is organic? I did those dirty works without any blaming. Be chearful. If it has to be done, do it greaceful.

  3. I believed I did it fairly cheerfully. Maybe, I didn’t organized my words well enough and gave people what I was really thinking 🙂 love. And she is lovely.

  4. I believed I did it fairly cheerfully. Maybe, I didn’t organized my words well enough and gave people what I was really thinking 🙂 love. And she is lovely.

  5. oh spell checking is easy. Just open up Word and write your comment. Spell check it, and then cut and paste into the comment window on your browser.

    Does that make sense?

    I don’t care about the spelling errors. It’s kinda cute actually.

  6. Ok, as the outsider posting right now, I can see Doris, that you have an AWESOME family!

    I think the frustration is normal. I think you are entitled to feel frustrated at times.

    I also think that you don’t give yourself enough credit.

    From reading your blog for just a few months I can tell that you DO have patience and you do all that is necessary with a smile.

    Vince wouldn’t show patience with the other children at Edda’s school, if he hadn’t seen you and Jeremy be patient with him and with Edda. He handled that other child with grace and patience.


  7. SP – I do have an awesome family. It’s very nice to have such support.

    Mom – “organic” – I love it! You were knee deep in real shit and I’m knee deep in metaphorical shit. And dad did change the organic diapers gracefully.

  8. Thanks. doanld. I knew that trick. but I have to start with Word. Most time, Daddy is my live dictionay. It is much easier to ask your dad. He is so good in spelling.

    SP8, Thanks for your kindness and support. We all have to have patience. It is good for health. Especially for OLD people like me. I learn it every day in office.

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