What’s your secret?

Dad has been sitting in on Edda’s class. We’ve been talking about the different kids in her class and their various “issues”. Most of the kids in Edda’s class are older than her, most of them are at least 3 years old and autistic. Edda is probably the most disabled kid in her class this week. She’s the only one who can’t feed herself snack, someone needs to be there and help her eat.

I went to the prata shop today, and the guy who works the register said to me, “You are always so happy and lively when you come in, what’s your secret?” This came as such a surprise to me because I consider myself a grouchy-grouch. I told him that the prata shop was the only time that I really had to myself and I felt just a little bit removed and relieved from my responsibilities, I’m happy to sit for a few minutes and eat a prata and have a glass of fresh lime juice. Such simple things make me happy these days.

6 thoughts on “What’s your secret?”

  1. Caitlyn also needs help with snack and meals..but, the celebration here is that she continues to eat! Helping her eat oraly sure beats what the alternative is! …

    Ok, what’s a prata?

  2. Doris! You gotta go back and reread your blog. When you first found out about Edda’s challenges you were so down. But then something changed. Your attitude has been amazing. You really do seem happy. And, why shouldn’t you be. You inspire me. That sounds hokey I know but you do. I miss your sparkling laugh so much. Maybe the prata guy was flirting. Either way Edda and Vince have your smile. That is a great thing to give. On a different note we went to a “hippie” gathering last night with Josh at Barton Springs that Josh said for some reason that Vince would have loved. He could not elaborate. There are Taoist Monks here to perform a blessing ceremony for the springs that was this morning. It was really beautiful. Great shoes. Great hats. Amazing instruments. Last night’s hippie gathering was to welcome the monks and there was a drumming circle like at Eeoyres Birthday. You can only imagine a bunch of old Austin folks dancing to the drums in the water at the shallow end of the pool. Oh yeah and guess what Josh has no rythym.

  3. Heh. you’re a more cheery, outgoing person than you give yourself credit for. Laff. but yes, good prata makes me happy too. It’s a bread product after all! 😛 They have those at Ranch 99 for like 99 cents with the curry, but somehow it’s not the same.

  4. A prata is a wonderfully delicious thing that is kind of like a pancake/crepe. Made with lots of butter and fried. It can be stuffed with cheese and other goodies! Yum!

    I do miss “hippie” Austin. As for the change in my attitude, Jeremy laughed so hard. I have had some time to digest Edda’s disability, but I do have some pharmachological help with my brain chemistry everyday which has been extremely helpful.

    Ranch 99, who knew?

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