By myself.

In the middle of the afternoon today, I took one look at Donald and asked if he needed some “alone time”. He had picked up Vince from school at 10 am and watched him ransack the house and then took him swimming. By the time I got home with Edda at 12:45 or so and had made lunch for all of us, Donald looked a bit weary. I now have had 4 years of parenthood experience and I have slowly built up my tolerance to all things children, but he is suddenly plopped down in the middle of chaos, well, it’s a bit like being plucked out of your neighborhood and put onto Mt Everest without any mittens. A bit of shock to one’s system. Donald put himself in time out in his own room behind his closed door.

I got some of my own “alone time” at Edda’s school today – I hid out in an unused speech therapy room. I knit for the first time in a while.


I finished a sock for Vince a while ago, my first attempt at short row toes and heels, it’s working out OK, but I wish I had a local SnB to hang with, I think I’m doing something a bit wrong and I want someone to eyeball what I’m doing. But I have no pals around – so trial and error..


And finally we went to the Night Safari! And even though it was past everyone’s bedtime, no one cried or flipped out! And we had ice cream too.


2 thoughts on “By myself.”

  1. I love the pix of Vince. GI showed my great Aunt and my grandma your sock and they were impressed. So much so that now they are bugging me about never learning to knit or crochet. I’d rather eat liver! Re: Donald guess you just need to knit him some mittens for his Everest trek.

  2. hi doris! can’t tell where you live from here, but there are a few groups of sg knitters who meet regularly to knit and compare notes. some of them have been knitting for years! we have an online community at too. come join us!

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