Our intrepid investment banker friend, Susan reports in from Heathrow airport. I hope she won’t mind sharing…

At the counter, the lady didn’t even question why I was checking in so early. I showed her all the things I wanted to take with me, my wallet, my passport, a 7 page document I wanted to review and a pen to write comments on this document. She gives me a clear plastic bag and points me to security. Another very long line despite that it was moving faster that usual because no one had all the carry-ons to deal with. I make it through security and then they take my pen away – so much for trying to do anything work related on my 15+ hour crusade of trying to get back home.

One thought on “Heathrow.”

  1. It must be a long time back when I was in Heathrow, I was amused to see all those soldiers with assault rifles in their hands ready to do something. At that time, polices in England didn’t even carry guns.

    Right now, probably it was much tighter I image.

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