Meat and lace.

We all were hung over from the fantastic weekend, everyone got up late and was late to school and work.

Tonight we had a lamb roast. Donald was the chef as he was the one who put the premarinated meat into the oven. (a hint for you dad! roasts are easy!) Edda for some reason has taken a liking to meat – I don’t know what happened, but I’ll take it! Vince, of course, is still our carb boy – plain noodles and rice supplemented with large glasses of milk/juice and carrots.


I started the Icarus Shawl. It’s going well – slowly but surely. I should join some sort of KAL. Hmmmm..


3 thoughts on “Meat and lace.”

  1. What time is dinner? That food looks so good. Your shawl reminds me of ones from Mexico. I think they are called rebozo’s. So thin you can pull them through a woman’s wedding ring. Life in Singapore sounds so great from all your blogs.

  2. There is a KAL on the Icarus shawl. I think if you google Icarus knit along, you will find it. Sorry, I don’t have the link here. I searched high and low for my copy of the magazine this morning. I was going to try to start it at lunch today. No go, I had to work on socks.

    After seeing you post about Edda’s I-pod, I decided I have to add one more thing to your package. It will go out in tomorrow’s mail.

    Since the other packages have taken 9-10 days, it should get there by the 31st!


  3. Edda is taking a liking to meat. This is just like me, very proud of her.

    Vince likes vegie and pasta, just like his Grand Mom. That is good too.

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