Vince days..

I try and make Thursday “Vince” days. It is one of the few afternoons during the week that we don’t have therapy scheduled for Edda and we aren’t trucking all over town. For two weeks in a row, I’ve invited a friend over and for one reason or another, we’ve had to cancel. I feel pretty bad, but Vince takes it all in stride.

Tonight, Jeremy’s company had a party at our condo. Four of Jeremy’s coworkers live where we live and one of them decided to have a catered party and invite 30 coworkers over to the function room. At the beginning of the party, Edda was starving and was screaming her head off, so she and Jeremy retreated to our apt while Vince worked the room.


One thought on “Vince days..”

  1. I see no women at this party. What’s up with that? Where is the fruit lady too. Tell Jeremy I want a pix of her.

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