Well, look who the cat dragged in..

I didn’t even hear the doorbell ring at 1:30 am last night, but thank goodness someone did, because when I woke up, I saw my dear brother having breakfast at my kitchen table! Hooray for uncle Donald! Jeremy and Donald love to talk about computers (boring) and cars (even more boring), but we did manage to stick a rendition of the Singapore National Day cheer in the middle of random breakfast chatter.

We showed him the wonders of our neighborhood – the sand park (which has lots of sand). Vince finds friends. Edda eats sand and drives a firetruck.


For lunch we went to a hawker center filled with a million people selling a million things and got into the longest lines figuring that everyone else knew what was good.


Jeremy showed off his fruit prep skills. He’s enamored by the fruit lady at his work, he’s trying to be as skillful as she is with a knife. This spiral cut allows you to cut off all the spines without losing a lot of the fruity goodness. (God, Jeremy looks a lot like Vince in this picture.)


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  1. It is a professional cut. One of our friend in Richland can do that. Every time, we had fresh pinapple, he has the opportinity to show off his art skill. Jeremy can do it even better.

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